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Glebe Terrace Façade Restoration Project1

This Glebe terrace was in very original condition with exterior not having had paint in a number of decades. We started by removing the original Victorian balustrade and frieze work an restoring those by stripping back to bare metal, priming and then repainting.

Our client had a bad back and was likely to end up in a wheelchair. As the front door of the house was only a standard opening of around 800mm we had to come up with another option. This ended up being the removal of the double hung window at the front of the property and then cutting and widening the brickwork to accommodate some oversized French doors.

We then stripped back the painted finish on the exterior walls and re-rendered the walls and give them a faux block finish before repainting.

We also demolished the original masonry front fence and fabricated another to match the neighbouring property and new spear point fence and gate.

The original concrete entryway and veranda were cracked and lifting and generally in a poor state. We excavated and removed them, poured a new slab and laid tessellated tiles.

For the project, we did the following:

  • Installed a new tiled roof.
  • Restored the balustrade and reinstated.
  • Restored the frieze work and reinstated.
  • Restored the façade.
  • Lay tessellated tiles.
  • New spearpoint fencing and front gate.
  • Make and install new French doors.



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