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Oregon Barge Restoration Project

This original Oregon timber barge, that was reputedly used in the making of the Harbour Bridge was in its original but dilapidated state. The client wanted it turned into Sydney’s first and only mobile helipad.

We were lucky enough to have a second barge that we used as a ‘donor’ and sourced many of the original timbers needed to restore the helipad. The restoration of the timber barge was a slow and laborious task as climbing in and out of the hull was not an easy job.

One of the key features of the helipad was its mobility and we therefore had to build housing for two outboard engines that would retract into the hull of the vessel for storage. We then had to fabricate a helm by which to steer the vessel and seating for clients and storage for life vests.

As the vessel was as old as it was, the timbers on the hull were rotted in some places so the best option to ensure the vessel remained water tight was to pull a rubber sleeve around the entire hull and pull up the side thereby creating a new, watertight membrane.

For the project, we did the following:

Restoration of the original timber work.

Fabrication of helm and bench seats.

Install plywood decking.

Paint of the hull.

Fabricate retractable engine bays.



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