Petersham Façade and Front Fence and Footings Restoration Project

Petersham Façade and Front Fence and Footings Restoration Project1

The fence and footings at this property were in a very poor state and almost beyond restoration. The footings had ‘blown out’ due to the palisades rusting at the bottom, in the brickwork, and therefore expanding and splitting the footings almost perfectly down the middle.

The top of the fence was in reasonable condition, although it had not been painted in around 30 years.

Rather then throw the whole lot away and start from scratch, we removed the fence and pedestrian gate and took it back to the workshop. At the workshop we cut off the highest rusted points of the fence and welded on new sections of steel the same diameter as the original. Doing this type of restoration to the fence and gate saved the client around $10,000.00 having to have new fencing sections and gates made.

We then removed the old footings entirely and rebuild them to match the originals. Once the fence had been fully restored we reinstated the fence sections and gates in the exact same positions as they were previously. We then rendered the footings and painted them in monument.

The end result was an amazing restoration that looked wonderful, saved the client thousands of dollars and will last another 100 years !

For this project we did the following:

  • Restored the fence and gates.
  • Stripped the metalwork and repainted.
  • Rebuilt the footings.
  • Painted the footings.


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