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Pietra dura is the term used for cut stone that is then inlayed and highly polished. This example of dura table is a tabletop sold at an auction but was damaged while being moved. If the table top was unable to be restored, the sale would have fallen through and it would have been thrown away.

The table was broken into eight main pieces but had many other smaller pieces.

To do the restoration, we laid the table on a piece of transparent glass face down and laid all the small pieces in order as best as possible. We then ‘operated’ on the table from the back. Clamped the pieces together and used marble glue to bind the loose pieces together. Once the glue had dried, we turned the table over and then polished the top to give the table top a highly polished finish.

We sent the piece back to the auction house who was more than happy with the restoration job and they completed the sale of the piece to their client.


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